Tribunal and Court Decisions

Koskiniemi v. Nairn and Hyman (Township) 26 Sep, 2018
James Sylvestre Developments Ltd. v. Tecumseh (Town) 26 Jun, 2017
Flamborough Power Centre Inc v Hamilton (City) 06 Nov, 2015
Unterstab v. atPlay Adventures Inc. and Norfolk (County) 21 Oct, 2015
Flamborough Power Centres v. Hamilton (City) 25 May, 2015
Royal Clover et al v. Norfolk (County) 10 Apr, 2015
Airfield Developments Inc. and Caledon (Town) v. Harbour View Investments Inc 11 Mar, 2015
Dakota Shopping Centres and SmartCentres Inc v. Heritage Highlands Corp and Hamilton (City) 04 Sep, 2014
Calloway REIT (Welland) Inc. v. Welland (City) 24 Jun, 2014
York Developments et al v. London (City) 29 Apr, 2014
2309162 Ontario Inc. v. Toronto (City) 10 Jan, 2014
Taylor v. Toronto (City) 29 Aug, 2013
Snelgrove Plaza Inc. v. Caledon (Town) 31 Jan, 2013
Snelgrove Plaza Inc. and Valleywood Resident Association v. Caledon (Town) 12 Sep, 2012
Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. v. Hamilton (City) and Trinity Development Group 12 Sep, 2012
Ainley Group v. Collingwod (Town) 15 Aug, 2012
Southside Construction v. Sifton Properties, Ingersoll (Town) and Oxford (County) 15 Feb, 2012
920076 Ontario Limited et al v. Greater Sudbury (City) 28 Sep, 2011
Avonwood Shopping Centres Limited v Stratford (City) 26 May, 2011
2182890 Ontario Inc. et al v. Collingwood (Town) 08 Apr, 2011
Calloway REIT (Burlington Appleby) Inc. v. Burlington (City) 18 Jan, 2011
GE Capital Real Estate v. Toronto (City) and Board of Regents of Victoria University 03 Dec, 2010
Khavari Khashayar v. Toronto (City) 14 Jul, 2010
Calloway REIT (Burlington Appleby) Inc. v. Burlington (City) 20 Jan, 2010
Pembroke (City) et al v. Laurentian Valley (Township) 11 Dec, 2009
Loblaws v. Peterborough (City) 30 Jun, 2009
Loblaws et al v. Saugeen Shores (Town) 22 Apr, 2008
3597041 Canada Inc. and 1559930 Ontario Limited v. New Tecumseth (Town) 26 Jun, 2007
Norris v. Woolwich (Township) and King/86 Developments Limited 06 Feb, 2007
Calloway REIT (St Catharines) vs St Catharines (City) 27 Mar, 2006
Bridgecam Shopping Centres v. Cambridge (City) and Waterloo (Region) 15 Nov, 2005
Lionheart Enterprises Ltd et al v. Richmond Hill (Town) 23 Jan, 2004
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